Sunday, June 28, 2009

Texan Talk

I guess I watched way too many cowboy flicks as a kid. Having just ordered a machiato latte at the airport in Austin, Texas, I expected the server to read the order back to me in Texan. Something like, "Wall, Pardner, here's yur sissie Macho Lay-Tay Joe. Now git the hell on down the road to where-evers it is you come from Sissy-Boy. Scat!" No one has uttered the word 'scat' since my Grandmother passed decades ago.

But apparently I'm either a Texas-bigot, or things are a changing down this away because he pronounced it the way any good coffee shop employee would - Mah-kee-ah-toh Lah-Tay. It surprised me. Enough so to write this useless observation.