Friday, July 3, 2009

The Khondor Passes

Khen (Ken) Moore, a friend of many, many people from science-fiction fandom passed away June 30.

I first met Khen at Kubla Khan in Nashville. We had some GREAT times together. But I can't remember much about them.

I DO recall a trip to a sci-fi convention in Evansville Indiana. Khen and a bunch of friends, Sue, Mike, Terry, Duke, Dan C., Allan S. and I were crammed in a hotel room. Not that we were all STAYING in the same room - that's just where we wound up after the party. Many of us on the floor. Khen was sleeping UNDER one of the beds with just his feet sticking out.

As was tradition, someone had to play a practical joke on Khen. Somebody had one of those tansferrable tattoos, stuck it on the toilet seat upside down and told the rest of us to NOT use the facilities for a while. Khen got up, bleary-eyed, went to the toilet and in a minute we heard this loud expletive from the bathroom. When he got up from the toilet, he felt something sticking to his butt and pulled off the plastic backing, thus completing the butt tattooing. And as always, he just laughed about it.

I seldom saw Khen when he wasn't smiling.

Gonna' miss you and your pink bunny slippers, Buddy.


3beersmoreoften said...

Very well said. Also, I think Cauldwell found a job.

bonsairick said...

Cauldwell got a job!!!??? The Universe is about to end.

Anonymous said...

3beers told me.

He will be missed.