Sunday, January 3, 2010

Definition of Insanity?

Flying a model airplane in sub-zero temperatures.

Howdy Pardner

Eh-hem … jus' practicin' my honorary Texan skills for next week (el Paso). As a test run, Sue, my wife (a true Texan) and I (a true dumbass), had smoked beef brisket sandwiches last night. I bought the sissy-whole-wheat buns. A true Texan scoffs at whole wheat, "Now why'd ya' wanna' go n' mess up a perfectly good bun with WHOLE wheat? … You sayin' MY wheat's missin' somethin', Boy?!"

I was also taught the way of improvin' store-bought potato salad - adding boiled eggs … who'da known to do that?

And whiskey beans. We had beans with bourbon and brown sugar. I liked the beans (especially the bourbon flavor part)!

And to top off last night's meal? Texas sheet cake, of course. The only cake on the planet that gets better and better the longer it sits. Texas sheet cake is in its prime after about three days. That's why they're so damn big, so there's plenty left after 3 days. Betcha didn't know that, huh?