Friday, May 8, 2009

Strange personalized product ...

A personalized bobble-head sumo wrestler. Doesn't get any weirder than that. I could have got one made to look like Sue for Mother's Day, but I enjoy living.

Oddly enough, the sample one at the top looks like me already. Put glasses on it, gray up the hair - even the physique is correct. Maybe I could get a clone discount.

PS. That is NOT Sue at the bottom - I assume that's Carroll


To hell with iPhone - I want THIS!

See if you can spot Keown's special guest appearance (Hint :21 mark).

Oh, this is SO screwed up ... nightmare anyone?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Psssst ... wanna' know a secret?

I'm going to divulge my secret method of "How to Get Rich in the Stock Market" ... watch what I invest in ... then do the opposite. It's that simple.

I invested in a company that was going to revolutionize streaming video on the web - only problem was the CEO took off with everybody's money - ENNNNNGGHH! FAIL!

Next was a micro-chip company. A chip, the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the skin so if Aunt Mary or Fido wanders off, "they'll" know who they are - only problem was the CEO wandered off with everybody's money - ENNNNNGGHH! FAIL!

Finally, I invested in a bank that showed great... - ENNNNNGGHH! FAIL! Yup, the CEO skipped town with everybody's money.

I repeat, watch what I do, then run like hell in the opposite direction. You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This'll keep you from getting swine flu. And a date.

Also looks like Michael Jackson on a bad hair day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig Whisperer

Ashlynn's handsome bro' Ayden and his friend Bugsy. Bugsy can be such a pig.

Jelly Monster

The cutest baby in the world, our granddaughter, Ashlynn Kay. As you can see, she likes jelly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Present

Source: Gadgets and Designs Inspired by Guns
My wife's a Texan. I pretty sure she'll like this for Mother's Day.

Nigh baby nigh toodane ...

In 1971, I was hired at a now defunct clothing store called Chess King because I looked a LOT like Mick Jagger. Today I look just like Keith Richards.

To quote Mick from Gimme Shelter: "Ooooom, see the bloodtail flaiting, nigh baby nigh toodane. Ivay eezee sheltay, I'm gonna' fade away." Words to live by.

Hungover? Crank up your speakers!!!

So it's Derby +1. Head going BONG BONG BONG? Been there, done that. But not for the last 10 years. Ahhhhh, another peaceful Sunday morning. For all you Derby revelers out there ... TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS - LET'S PARTY!!!!