Tuesday, June 7, 2011


2 nights ago I lost the battery hatch cover on my Pitts RC plane while flying at a friend's farm. I zig-zagged the farm fields, on foot for over an hour, looking for it. No luck.

LAST night, I looked at the field closer - it was planted - teensy-weensy green shoots ... I had tromped all over them the night before ... oops. The aliens might think I was sending them a message through a really poorly executed crop circle. More of a crop zig-zag. I hope I said something nice, something that would promote good will between our species like, "Hi there. Like Twinkies?"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Maiden Flight

Finally got the guts/experience to maiden this Pitts Model 12 15e RC plane this evening. 40" wing span. The setting sun reflecting off the glossy wings was a near spiritual moment. Four take-offs, four good landings - progress! Unfortunately I lost the battery hatch in flight and didn't see it fall off. So I zig-zagged the entire farm where I was flying trying to find it. No luck. I was afraid of rattlers - dusk, hot day, cooling off, prime snake time - a rabbit scared the crap put of me! No battery hatch though. Will have to fabricate one.