Friday, June 17, 2011

Perfect Landing. Sort of.

Flying the Pitts. Beautiful day. Great flight. No wind. Lined up on the runway. Cut throttle. It floated down. Just before touchdown, slight up elevator. Oh crap! I wasn't over the runway. I was over the grass. The plane stopped dead. Broke the entire front end off the plane. So much for a perfect landing.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


2 nights ago I lost the battery hatch cover on my Pitts RC plane while flying at a friend's farm. I zig-zagged the farm fields, on foot for over an hour, looking for it. No luck.

LAST night, I looked at the field closer - it was planted - teensy-weensy green shoots ... I had tromped all over them the night before ... oops. The aliens might think I was sending them a message through a really poorly executed crop circle. More of a crop zig-zag. I hope I said something nice, something that would promote good will between our species like, "Hi there. Like Twinkies?"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Maiden Flight

Finally got the guts/experience to maiden this Pitts Model 12 15e RC plane this evening. 40" wing span. The setting sun reflecting off the glossy wings was a near spiritual moment. Four take-offs, four good landings - progress! Unfortunately I lost the battery hatch in flight and didn't see it fall off. So I zig-zagged the entire farm where I was flying trying to find it. No luck. I was afraid of rattlers - dusk, hot day, cooling off, prime snake time - a rabbit scared the crap put of me! No battery hatch though. Will have to fabricate one.