Monday, June 29, 2009

Moment of decision and courage ...

I'm a coward. I will NOT walk up to a celebrity and say hi. But in this case, well, let's just say the guy was one of my all-time bestest childhood idols - David Crosby (from CSN and sometimes Y).

So Josh and I are standing in the Austin Texas Airport and Josh runs over to me, "Did you see David Crosby? I got a picture of him." WHAT!!!!!??? WHERE!!!!!???? And he points at him. Off I went, running the best I can for an old guy, to see an even older guy.

And as I approached, I could see quite clearly that it was HIM!!!! He even had his guitar strapped over his back as if to say, "Yep, it's me."

The moment of decision and terror ... can I say hi? Oh, what the hell, I'm wearing a Depends so if it IS him and I piss my pants, it won't show.

I politely asked, "Excuse me, Sir, are you David Crosby?" There, I DID IT!!!!! No piss either.



End of story.

(PS. thanks for the photo, Josh)