Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPhone art

If the iPhone doesn't win an award for bringing about great, positive, societal change, I'll be shocked.

I don't know about earth-shattering societal improvement, but THIS iPhone application is down-right FUN:

These drawings (my first attempts) were created on the iPhone using an app called TypeDrawing. You write out whatever you want to say, in the case of the geisha, I wrote "beauty and grace" and for our little trouble-maker pug, Jiang Wei, I wrote "I'm a trouble-maker." Then you choose a font size, weight, paper color, or in my examples a photo from my library that I can draw over. Then you just have fun using your finger to draw with type! I haven't messed with changing fonts or sizes of fonts and may even be able to change the color of the type. Haven't gotten that far yet.

When I was a kid, Dick Tracy, a cartoon detective had a really cool device called a "wrist communicator". I ALWAYS wanted one of those, but of course, it was still fiction. Not any more. iPhone is here.


Gypsydoodlebug said...

That's awesome!