Saturday, April 25, 2009

So where were you, Keown? WTG AMANDA!!!!

I showed up for the Mini Marathon. No Keown. Probably scared. But I ran anyway. No sense wasting that week of training. Damn thing is, Keown beat my time by 30 minutes and he wasn't even there. By the way, I ran the 13 mile course in a little over 32 hours and 6 minutes. I didn't bother with the seconds.

My daughter, who really DID run the race, ran a bit faster. Smarty-pants! 2:11:16

WAY TO GO, AMANDA!!!! We're VERY, VERY proud of you!


YESH said...

Worm stepped in for me .. he's my bitch .. he does my running.

Charmed said...

You may not have known who worm was...because he is also known as GRAHM!!

And sometimes Yesh calls him asshat...for some unknown reason.