Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Top 10 Red Bull Induced Bucket List:

1. Drive an Indy Race Car til I piss in my diapers.

2. Fly upside down in a plane til I puke. (A plane that's SUPPOSED to be upside down)

3. Sky dive from 10,000 feet and scream like a little girl.

4. Play just ONE round of roulette with only ONE $1,000 chip. AAAAAARRGGHHHH!

5. Shoot a bazooka at a tank. And hit it.

6. Shoot one of those really cool WW2 machine guns at a tank. And hit it. Repeatedly.

7. Use the restroom in the International Space Station while reading Antiques Quarterly.

8. Ride the Vomit Comet in a Darth Vader outfit.

9. Take a ride in a jet really low through mountains like in Top Gun ... High-way to the Danger Zone - dun, dun-dah-dun - Ride in-to the Danger Zone

10. Stand before a crowd of my peers to accept the nation's top Graphic Design Award, as the crowd comes to a hush, take the award, wipe my butt with it, put it back on the podium, say, "Nahhhhhhh," and walk off stage. Yep, George C., Marlon and I - we all hang the same way.


YESH said...

WE shall do 10. at HOW this year.

Anonymous said...


Been there ... done that.