Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank you God, for PacMan

Odd statement, I know. But I'm having major surgery in 4 days and the better my surgeon was at playing PacMan when he was a kid, the better the outcome will be on Wednesday.

I had the very first electronic game - Pong. And have played my fair share of every other game invented since then. I'm a gaming nut. As a matter of fact, if I had every quarter I ever dropped into those damned machines ... I'd probably be sitting here doing the same thing I'm doing right now because I'd have spent it on some other vice instead. Who am I trying to kid?

Anyway, I'm SO glad that Dr. B's Mom and Dad let him freak out on those games because he's going to be ridding MY little universe of Invaders next Wednesday using basically a BIG EXPENSIVE game controller called a da Vinci Laproscopic Robot, or something like that.

May the Force be with you, Dr. B. Now go get those little bastards!!! I hope you get a free game.