Friday, March 13, 2009

Overheard at dinner in Vegas

I try (again) to eat a peaceful meal in Vegas and read my book. No suits this time, at least they weren't wearing them ... but some of them showed up in plain clothes. So this dumb ass sits down three tables away and immediately becomes the center of the universe. He says, and I quote, "You know, I was returning from New Dehli and one of those Korean or Japanese bellhops opened my door - I don't know if he was Japanese or Korean because, you know how they all look alike..."

I suspect the Chinese waitress that was serving him soup was probably offended by his dumb-ass, racist remark. But that's just a guess. Dumb-Ass had made the "all look alike" statement as if the waitress wasn't even there, like she was invisible.

Yes, I'd returned to my favorite Chinese restaurant in the hotel and though I'm sure the waitress WAS an American citizen, she spoke very broken English and I'm pretty certain was of Chinese heritage. She did NOT look Korean, nor did she look Japanese.

I promptly went into "want-to-kick-the-ever-lovin-shit-out-of-Dumb-Ass" mode.

I wanted to casually walk over to the Dumb-Ass's table, pop off his BAD toupe, dunk it in the koi pond, then put it back on his head, and remark, "Yeah, and all wet f**ks look alike too, ass-wipe."

Instead, I did nothing. Which is something for me.