Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I knew there was something strange about my wife...

The strange craft landed behind her, two creatures that looked JUST like Sue got out, came over, they all twittered, looked at me and collectively muttered, "Engh." Then they got back in the Mothership and left. Except Sue. Apparently she's been given the daunting task of studying intelligence on this planet. Or in my case, the lack thereof.

Women are from Venus and men are from ... well ... uh, Louisville.


YESH said...

Don't let the people in the ship search you .. if you know what I mean .. that's never fun.

bonsairick said...

There was an old, female wino at the last pizzeria we went to ... as I was shooting pictures, she, WHAM! CRUNCH! FLAIL! FLAIL! - fell out of her chair and as she was thrashing about on the floor, kept telling me, "I saw you coming. I saw you coming." ... she was wearing an old, greasy, fake fur coat, stocking cap and VINYL GLOVES! ... Oh, my God, I'll bet she was one of them!!!

True story.