Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PC of Cake

I'm home from work today suffering, and I mean SUFFERING from "femanine itch" ... that really sucks. Especially considering I'm not a feminine, I'm a male-anine. Yesterday, the doctor prescribed a hand-formulated compound simply called, and I kid you not, "Magic Butt Cream". That, in itself, would suffice as a good story, but I'll leave that one alone. However, I can only imagine the signage for the annual shareholder's meeting,"THE ANNUAL BUTT CREAM SHAREHOLDER'S MEETING WILL BE HELD IN BALLROOM C". The name tags would be great, "HI! MY NAME IS: BOB - BUTT CREAM SHAREHOLDER".

So a good friend calls and reminds me I haven't watched the movie I just bought, Dogma. I'm laying around, can't go out in public without getting arrested for fondling myself, so sure, an afternoon movie would be great.

I hate PC's and averything to do with them. I'm an Apple-Guy to the core (pun intended). You plug in a Mac it works. And it works GREAT! ... What the hell does my dislike for PC's have to do with this story? Everything. Read on.

So I plop the disk in the bluray player and wait. And wait. And wait, wait, wait ... What seems like, and may have been, 5 minutes later, a prompt, actually more of a declaration than a prompt, appears on the screen. Yes, it's the dreaded Sony Bluray prompt, "THIS DISK CANNOT BE READ!" My itching is now getting worse.

Time for another firmware update. Bet you didn't know you had to update your software in your damn movie player every 3 months, huh? It's a friggin' PC! Of COURSE you do. So I jump on my trusty Mac to download the update. After 20 minutes of trying to decypher Sony's indecypherable site, I stumble upon the correct download for my bluray player. YEAH!I click download. A prompt appears asking me to choose WHICH PC software I'm using to download this update ... I'm on a Mac ... that is not one of the choices. Grrrrr. Off to Google-Land to see what the hell's up with that. Found it! Can't download to a Mac. Double-Grrrrrr.

Fire up my wife's laptop - it's a PC. I navigate my way back to the elusive download site and press download. The PC laptop crashes. HOLY FLYING F@@K! Restart the damn thing. Now it's decided to do it's OWN upgrade and can't be bothered to do what I want it to do until it's done. OK, another 15 minutes later, it restarted itself - can we go back to Sony now?!

Finally! I've been able to burn a frickin' upgrade disk! There are dire warnings printed on the Sony download site - they're in red and all caps with LOTS of exclamation points warning me to NOT interrupt the upgrade sequence, that once it starts, the bluray player will turn on and off repeatedly, the disk door will open and close on its own periodically, kind of like in the Exorcist. And this will go on for approximately quite a while, but doesn't tell me HOW long.

We have a kitteh, who's now famous on I CAN HAZ CHEEZEBURGER? (search SAHTEHD KITTEH - yeah, that's him in the frying pan). He has a passion for the bluray player. He is obsessed with watching it and sometimes he will push the disk tray closed with his nose. So now I'm chasing him around the house to keep HIM from interrupting the upgrade sequence by closing the disk door.

And in the process of chasing him, I took my eye off the bluray's front panel, which has gone dark and is taunting me to remove the disk and go on about my business. But it is NOT displaying the all's clear message, "DL OK". The totally inert machine and I have been staring at each other for easily 20 minutes now, but I'm afraid to touch it.

40 minutes now. The bluray player and I are still staring at each other. Maybe if I just shoot the damn thing I can claim an intruder broke into my home, shot our bluray player and fled on foot. Then I could claim it on our insurance ... Reason for claim - intruder shot it. That should work.

I've now given up on watching Dogma. I may give up watching movies for the rest of my life after this.

I'll have to get back to you on this bluray thing later. Gotta go hit the Magic Butt Cream stash again.

Did I mention that I HATE PC's? Can't imagine why.


Charmed said...

All the computer talk aside....it really sucks to be woman, huh?

Just be glad you don't have to got the "female doctor" every year and get shoe horned.

Ryan The Intern said...

I love PCs. So much. I had to fight and wrestle and scream at my trusty Lasima (LArge SIlver MAchine) for a few days last week because we were having issues. But we worked through it and now we're happier than ever. It's the sour that you have to endure to really enjoy the sweet.