Sunday, May 31, 2009

RAM Tough - How NOT to install a RAM chip

Even if you don't know anything about computers you might get a kick out of this true story:

This was in the early 90's. I bought more RAM (memory) for my computer, but I was too cheap to pay to have it installed. After all, 4 megs of RAM cost $300 back then. I was also too cheap to buy the $8 anti-static wrist strap that would have ensured that I didn't fry the chip while installing it. But I had a game plan:

• got good and drunk, that always helps
• carefully cut open the plastic, anti-discharge bag in which the expensive chip rested. I was careful to NOT TOUCH THE CHIP as I was told static would destroy it - so far, so good
• took off ALL MY CLOTHES (completely nude) so the hairs on my body would not generate static electricity rubbing against the fabric
• picked up each bare foot and gingerly stepped across the carpet so as not to generate static by shuffling my feet on the carpet
• carefully placed one hand on the metal power source in the computer like they told me to do ... as long as I kept my hand on it, I could not discharge electricity
• with the remaining hand, carefully slid the chip out of the bag and akwardly inserted the unit into the computer slot and locked the clips
• then quickly and decisively pulled my hand off the power source

Turned on the machine and it worked! TADA! I was so proud standing there stark naked and drunk. But I installed the chip and saved $8 by not buying the discharge wrist strap.



Charmed said...


That sounds soooo like something Dunnski would do.