Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Quest of the $117 Hot Dog

My wife and I are going to San Francisco in August for our anniversary, but I was 2 points short of a free ticket with Southwest. So....

7:00 am - I flew to Chicago to get a hot dog in the Midway Airport.

7:23 am - The OJ was good, but vodka in it would have been better.

7:28 am - I got a shot of the AstroDome. The pilot must have gotten lost.

8:10 am - One of the most beautiful cities in the world and this is what I saw of it...plane asses.

8:47 - The locals weren't very friendly at first...

9:08 am - But they loosened up after a couple shots of tequila. Those boys have a problem - doing shots at 9 am.

9:17 am - The Air Force must have mistaken me for a Japanese person as they tried to attack me. Though I NEVER know what day it is at any given time, I'm pretty sure it wasn't December 7th.

9:54 am - The streets in Chicago are narrow. But you don't have to walk - they walk for you.

10:02 am - AT LAST!!! The $117 HOT DOG!!! ($107 for airfare + $10 for the hot dog). I didn't eat the jalapenos - it smells bad enough cooped up on an airplane.

10:45 am - Swallowed the hot dog and jumped back on a Louisville-bound plane.

11:07 am - Contemplating the idiocy of my actions - flying to Chicago for a Hot Dog and 2 points ... who does that? Moments after this shot, I spilled my Dr. Pepper in the leather seat next to me and all over my crotch. Now I look like I've pissed myself. And the flight attendant is NOT happy.

11:45 am - Home again. Mayor Jerry even welcomed me home. That was special. Everybody is staring at my wet crotch.

The cost of the hot dog just went up to $129 - I forgot about parking.

But I GOT the 2 POINTS!!!


Charmed said...

Okay, that sounds like something Dunnski might do...

I am NEVER doing tequila shots again...after 2 shots, 4 glasses of wine and half a cigar and many cigarettes later....I was not feeling well.

Gypsydoodlebug said...

I'm thinking you + and iPhone = trouble.