Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking for investors

I discovered today that all the medical isotopes used in the US come from Canada. And the reactor in Canada went on the fritz Sunday leaving us empty handed this week.

So I had an idea and am looking for ground-floor investors.

If YOU'VE got $10 million laying around in unmarked bills, just send it to me. I've never built anything with bricks, but hey, how hard could it be? For every investor I get, I'll build a nuclear reactor behind my house and start a MADE-IN-AMERICA isotope factory. One we can be proud of. Screw the Canadians, eh?

We're going to have to hurry before someone else comes up with the idea, so send your money TODAY!


Sue said...

I'm putting $2.00 in your sock drawer.

What percentage of the business does that entitle me to?

bonsairick said...

Darlin' you get a fully-vested share just for being brave enough to GET IN my sock drawer.