Friday, February 20, 2009

Did you check at Walmart?

I was supposed to have a bone scan today ... I mentally prepared for this all week. Not that the procedure is painful, but there's a lot riding on the outcome. So I take the day off from work. Show up at the hospital, get registered, get the little bracelet thingy on my wrist and when the registrar calls the nuclear medicine office to tell them I'm there, they inform her that the test needs to be rescheduled. They ran out of isotope and can't get any. The reactor in Canada is on the fritz. I asked if there was any isotope available at any other facility that I could go to? No, it's a nationwide shortage.

So now I get to prepare AGAIN for next Tuesday.

Ain't that the shitz?

You watch, I GUARANTEE you I'll get billed TWICE for this $10-gazillion procedure even though they didn't perform it today. Remember? ... they REGISTERED me.


Charmed said...

Yes, you will have NO chance in hell proving that you didn't have the procedure done on your first visit.

So sorry. And best of luck next Tuesday with your tests.

bonsairick said...

Thanks, Charmed. I'll get to feel sorry for myself, go to the Homemade Pie Kitchen and buy massive amounts of Chocolate Chess and Bourbon Pecan Pie. And maybe a tub of Coconut ice cream. Depression HAS it's benefits.