Thursday, October 15, 2009


All my life, since I was a little boy, I've wanted to see two scary things:

1. A tornado
2. A black widow spider

Number 2 was eliminated from the list this evening when I reached for a gas can outside and felt a spider web and something pretty large move on my hand.

The shiny, black bulb-shaped part of the body is about the size of a large peanut. The hour glass is VIVID red.

I captured it and my grandson and I are studying it. Sorry all you spider fans out there, it is an ex-spider now. She played dead when I first caught her. She's not playing any more.

Now every two seconds, I feel like something is crawling on me. I guess I deserve that for "deceasing" her.


3beersmoreoften said...

It would be a good idea to check other places around your house. You might have some males or more females. I found many of both one year up on the Ridge. They were all under trash cans.

bonsairick said...

Thanks for the tip - they're going to call an exteinator.

Seen any small tornadoes hanging around anywhere?