Saturday, October 10, 2009

Helga the Horrible

I drove myself to the ER yesterday after work. I had "strange "attacks" 5 times that day. Was in there a month ago for the same thing.

My nurse last night, let's just call her Helga, was not well-endowed in the bedside manner department. I got spoken to sternly for not remembering the name of the doctor that saw me in the hospital a MONTH ago ... I can't even remember my own name at times. "Pretty important thing to not be remembering," was her comment. And then she gave me the Mommy Stare, followed of course by a pregnant pause. Pissed me off! I thought the general idea was to NOT induce your patient to have a heart attack. ???

Fortunately, her shift was over quickly so she crawled back into her cave and was replaced by a caring nurse that uderstood that it is not a common attribute of normal people to remember doctor's names when they're stressed out in the hospital.

As it turns out, after checking my records, I wasn't seen by a cardio doc last time I was in. Maybe that's WHY I couldn't remember his/her name. Ya think?

Silly me.


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