Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amendment to the "I hate plumbing" story

The plumber was here less than 2 hours. Parts totalled $4.18. Total bill - $423.00 ... 200 F**KING DOLLARS PER HOUR!!! I don't think GOD makes that much! Why would anybody that makes $400,000.00 a year WANT to put their hands in other people's shit? Probably to MAKE $400,000.00, I guess. Good thing the sink's working now because I puked in it. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE DOLLARS ON A CHARGE CARD AT 24% INTEREST!!!!!????? And this REALLY pissed me off - the plumbing snake that I broke off in the pipe and couldn't get loose? ... my wife said he spent about 30 seconds on it - he pulled it right out, the nasty stuff that was clogging the sink came with it and the sink was fixed! It cost $142 to pull out the snake and reattach two pipes that it took me about 30 seconds to attach myself ... BLLAAHHGERFFLABULLY!!!

I'm pretty sure we just bought another episode of Ghost Hunters with that kind of cash.

This is official notice, I'm going to go to trade school and become a plumber/banker/lawyer (I'd toss in car salesman too, but I'd have to do the honorable thing and commit harikari). I'm going to call my new company "Ream-Yur-Ass Inc." ... It works for all three professions and cuts to the chase.


3beersmoreoften said...

You could have at least let me look at it. According to what you paid, I should have made about 600 dollars today just changing a wax ring on a toilet.

bonsairick said...

You're getting a call next time.

Wax toilet rings ... ? When I was a kid, I used to get those little wax bottles shaped like a soft drink bottle that had gawd-awful colored syrup in them. I used to chew the wax. I don't suppose you ... nahhhh, never mind.

3beersmoreoften said...

Why would you even go there? (I wonder if I could form the wax into the shape of a bottle and fill it with coke?)