Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm taking this Japanese thing too far...

Our office closes at 1:00 on Fridays so I was enjoying a sunny, pleasant afternoon working on my bonsai trees. I was working on the tree shown above, a San Jose Juniper and was adding more shari - a process where the bark is removed to simulate age. In the process, I stabbed myself DEEPLY (about 1 1/2" deep) in the hand with an Xacto knife and spent the REST of the day/evening getting stitches. And now I have to go see a hand specialist next week.

There is a no-longer-practiced Japanese suicidal method called Harikari (Seppuku), where a person disembowels him/herself with a samurai sword ... close ... just got my hand though.

Bonsai is SUPPOSED to be relaxing and it is. Most of the time.