Sunday, May 17, 2009

Demonic Burgers Found at Local Eatery

Sue and I BOTH saw them, two demonic faces staring back at us from one of my Roadies. Don't get me wrong, Logan's Roadhouse is one of our favorite spots and I ALWAYS get Roadies. Today, I only ate two of the three though. This one was photographed and left untouched. I considered bringing it home and selling it on eBay, but decided NOT to tempt the Prince of Darkness.*

I saw the face in the middle first. He kind of looks like a cartoon version of Richard Nixon. Sue saw it too and then pointed out the one on the left, the one laying down. That one's even scarier and more realistic looking than the other one.

I'll be dropping by the drugstore tonight for Exorcist pills - they could have gotten into my chips too. You never know.

(*Joking aside, I was full, don't boycott Logan's, their food is GOOD!)


Charmed said...

I don't see it.

Gypsydoodlebug said...

Me neither. I guess you had to see it in person? Annnnnd, now I want a hamburger. Thanks for that.