Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twitter-inspired verse

I just don't get Twitter. Probably the same way my great grandmother just didn't get the idea of microwave ovens (I STILL don't like THOSE damn things. AND I cook with GAS which shows you how old-school I am). I guess if I had a cell phone that would go to the internet and wanted to waste time, Twitter might make sense. Or if I gave a shit about celebrities.

But Twitter has inspired me to verse:

Here I sit upon the shitter;
though prone to write,
could only Twitter.

Damn, 2 syllables off of a haiku.

I'm going to leave that in the next out of town men's room I go to, Milwaukee, I think. Actually, I'm going to Austin, Texas too, that's a PERFECT place to leave that.

Just thought I'd share.


YESH said...

Give it time .. it will grow on you. Like an std.

Charmed said...

which STD?

Charmed said...

I have to say that I have never been inspired to Twitter on the shitter.